Paper Kit
Instructions for Submission
1.Authors MUST submit their manuscripts through the web site Please note that authors must create their own accounts in the web site before submitting paper(s). Manuscripts may only be submitted in PDF format. 
2.Manuscripts must be written in English and follow the instructions in Manuscript Formatting and Templates 
3.Quick guideline on submitting papers: 
(1)Log in to your username and password. If this is your first time, you will need to set up an account.) 
(2)Click on the "Submit Paper" button in navigator column. 

(3)Fill the information form and click on the "submit" button to upload your paper. We accept PDF format only.

Manuscript Formatting and Templates
1. Please assure the originality and reliability of the content in your paper.
2. Please confirm to write your paper with clear English without obvious grammar errors.
3. Your paper must be not shorter than 4 pages and not longer than 6 pages. The paper submitted over 6 pages will be charged $60 per extra page.
4. Please format your paper(s) according to the following requirements in the Word template. Please read it carefully!

The template for ICSP may be downloaded from here.