Scope and Topics

A. Signal Processing
B. AI & Deep Learning
C. Large Language Model
D. Big Data & Blockchain
E. Autonomous driving
F. Information Retrieval
G. Multimodal learning
H. Artificial General Intelligence
I. Image Processing & Understanding
J. Speech Coding & Recognition
K. Embodied Artificial Intelligence
L. Image/Video Compression & Retrieval
M. Computer Vision & Graphics
N. Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition
O. Human-computer Interaction
P. Brain Interface
Q. Communication Signal Processing & 5th Generation
R. Vision, language, and reasoning
S. Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality
T. Medical and biological vision
U. Biometric recognition Technology
V. Internet of Things
W. Radar/Sonar Signal Processing
X. Robotics & Active agents
Y. Hardware Implementation
Z. Applications and Systems